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Welcome to the Antilobby download page. Here is the official location that all new releases will be made. Please use this space to receive all updates for Antilobby.

Keep in mind, the Antilobby application does have an auto-updating feature which will soon be using this new location to download the most recent version.

I hope that you find Antilobby insightful for your day-to-day computer usage. Watch this space!

Latest Release (v1.193)
TimeDiff Checking & Cleanup

Antilobby now makes sure that it follows real-world time for each tracking session. You no longer can have sessions that span over multiple days. Additionally, some code clean-up has been done.


( 2 years ago )
View Tab Changes & Exit Saving

Changes have been made to how the items under the View tab work. There have been some slight changes to how the main process list works when interacting with it. The program better attempts to save your data before you exit when you close it using the File -> Exit, showing an appropriate status update.

( 3 years ago )
Process Tab Update & Cosmetic Changes

This update comes with a few visual changes. The main process tab was overhauled and uses a new way to display all of the process counts. Additionally, there have been other cosmetic changes.

( 3 years ago )
Bug Fixes

Resolved a bug that was occurring after the release of the new PrestigeCode site. This update fixes that error along with other potential critical crash bugs.

( 3 years ago )
Auto Updating Refresh

Updated the core paths for update and version control checking.

( 3 years ago )
First Laravel Release

The first release using the new development framework.